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FreezeMark - Where Experience Counts
About Freezemark

The company is owned and run by people with a wealth of experience in freeze marking horses. Indeed, owner and Managing Director, Mary Awre, was responsible for introducing freeze marking as a theft deterrent to the UK horse owners 25 years ago.

Before owning her own company Mary marketed and promoted freeze marking all over the UK and was directly responsible for freeze marking being adopted by top professional riders to the owners of the family pet.

The standard mark used by the company is a three-character combination of letters and numbers. Owners can, however, choose their own marks, using either 2 – 4 letters or 2 – 4 numbers and this has proved very popular. Examples are BEN – STAR – MAX – owners initials, eg. MJA – CEH, etc Combinations such as 007 and 999 have also been selected. Of course, the combination can only be used once.

Mary and Jane Celebrate the recovery of a Freeze Marked horse