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Freeze Marking is so afordable

Freezemark Ltd have aimed their charges so that everyone can afford to give their horses the very best protection – you will note there is a freeze marking fee and a minimal annual registration fee. The company’s annual registration fee ensures that you are contacted each year in order to update records, but also entitles you to the 24 hour back-up service should you ever need it.

Prices below are for freeze marking and options for paying annual registration details follow on.


Single horse £53.95

2 – 4 horses £47.95/head

5+ horses £43.95/head

Prices are per horse and the first year's registration.


Pay for a further 3 years on day of marking £30.00 (Only £10.00 per year – with no more to pay for 4 years!!)

Annually by standing order £12.00 per year – payment starts one year after horse is marked.

Annual invoice £15.95 per year – payment starts one year after horse is marked.


Why not give your horse that personal touch and choose your own mark - for just 20.00 more - eg - STAR - BEN - MAX - 999!!


Freezemark Ltd also offers a service of registering freeze marked horses that have not originally been marked by the company and also horses that are visibly identified by hot branding, etc. The charge for this service is just £10.00 plus one of the annual registration fees. Once on the Freezemark Ltd register horses and owners get the full 24-hour security support service, plus are contacted each year to ensure that the horses have not moved on.

Mary and Jane Celebrate the recovery of a Freeze Marked horse